Declined your offer or refused your request?

Tired of hearing NO?

Do you want to hear YES?!

Here you will learn to lead negotiation processes and avoid objections

After using the system...

  • You will find out how opposition to your offer or refusal of your request, affects you personally
  • Identify what triggers resistance in you and others during negotiations
  • Understand why each of us responds differently to the same 'no'
  • Get to know the factors that motivate those in front of us and how to direct them to your favor
  • You will lead negotiations towards your interests

Turn NO into a YES

Why is this important, especially in negotiations?

Opposing our request or suggestion evokes feelings like fear, stress, anger or frustration

We usually act in one of the following ways


Angry, shouting and standing our ground


Isolate our selves and trying to escape from the situation as much as possible


Astonisht, shoked, not taking any action and freeze in place

These reactions do not promote us

They cause us to lose control of the situation and impair our ability to focus on our goals and objectives, and of course affect the ability to conduct negotiations

It can be done differently

PAN system - Personal Analysis (for) Negotiation

Is a personal diagnostic system based on an algorithm, which identifies through a questionnaire, the factors that provoke resistance in each of us.
The diagnostic results indicate our dominant resistance patterns, according to the Enneagram model. The model distinguishes between nine personality types: Reformer, Helper, Performer, Creative, Investigator, Loyal Skeptic, Adventurer, Boss, Peacemaker.

Each of the types in Enneagram His own point of view on the world, unique thought patterns and also various factors for resistance.
Each of us is a different mix of the nine types so identifying the personal mix of our dominant types will help us understand our response to resistance and streamline our personal and professional conduct.

Through the diagnosis in Pan system you will get an accurate picture of the factors that influence you

In communication processes in general and in negotiations in particular

The system was developed by Adv. Orna Koplovich

Head of the Center for Negotiation and Business Innovation at HIT

Expert in negotiation and business strategy, with extensive experience in accompanying managers and organizations in negotiation processes and business strategy, to achieve better results. Orna is a senior lecturer, attorney and mediator, with advanced degrees in negotiation management and law. She has developed a unique online course (MOOC) in negotiation management and the 361 ° Negotiation method.
Develops technological systems for diagnosis and practice in negotiation.

PAN Personalities Analysis (for) Negotiation System
was developed for individuals who know that it is possible to improve negotiation skills and achieve better results here and now

Single test

To acquire useful knowledge about yourself and your personal or professional conduct

36 $

Two tests

Focusing on the whole picture, both from a personal and a professional angle of your conduct (you will be surprised to find differences!)

60 $

Test + Consulting

For immediate application of your unique diagnostic results, as a springboard for empowerment and efficiency

165 $